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Rossdale Homes can help you retire comfortably through investment in South Australia. We run regular Information Sessions, so there no reason to not make a start contact us now to book yours.

When investing with Rossdale Homes you can start by choosing one of our packages all around Adelaide. We have packages set up with home and land included.

What do you need to get started?

Answer YES to these questions and you're on your way.

Are you employed and sick of paying more tax than you need to?
Have you been paying off your home for more than 3 years?
Do you have as little as $4 cash spare each week?

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Talk to Rossdale about creating your own property portfolio.

We're NOT investment planners, we're home builders. We're not sharebrokers or selling swamp land in Queensland, but we can put you in contact with a team of professionals that can give you the facts about creating more wealth through long term investment in new residential property.

In time, a property portfolio may give you the choice to stop doing what you do and start doing what you want.

How good will your retirement be?

For the vast majority of us, relying on the superannuation guarantee will simply not provide the means to a comfortable retirement. You'll probably need about $50,000 per annum in today's money to live. According to ABS statistics only 4.7% of Australians currently retire on incomes of $50,000 or more per year. But you can change that for yourself.

Is building a property portfolio out of reach?

All you'll need is some equity in your family home and a reliable surplus of as little as $4 per week.

Here's an example of how it works.

Mr and Mrs Smith jointly earn $70,000. They own their own home worth $280,000, owing the bank $200,000.

Using equity in their home and NO existing savings of their own, they decide to purchase a rental property for $320,000 which they rent out for $300 per week.

After all expenses, this costs them $4 per week and based on the average historical price increases of 6% per annum, they predict that they will have properties worth $1,070,000 in 10 years with equity of $650,000.

On the same basis, in 15 years they predict that they will own properties worth around $1,430,000 with equity of $1,100,000.

Could this be you?

Please complete the Enquiry Form, or call Craig King on 8433 2055. It doesn't cost anything to find out what your options are, so why not?

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