Rossdale Homes Knockdown Rebuild

29 Barnett St, St Marys

29 Barnett St, St Marys

•    Wide allotment 23.37m and 482m2 overall
•    Gentle right to left grade (Image shows reverse grade)
•    West facing with North to LHS. Plan orientation and window placement with Client Design Meeting
•    Our Plan or your own Ideas, NO EXTRA CHARGE
•    Rossdale will design and complete a Fixed Price Quote Including all engineering Energy Assessment and Services requirements. This will give you the confidence to buy and have no surprises.
•    Speak to Guy about this process, without obligation.
•    Ample land size for Double Garage to this wide façade
•    4 bedrooms, big living and plenty of room in the rear for some garden or lawn without too much maintenance.
•    Land uneven size approx. 23.37 x 20 Total 482m2


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Rossdale Homes Flaxley Floor plan