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Nearly 40 years in the building industry I am always willing to look at a full range of projects.

I am a fully qualified Architectural Designer working for Architects and for smaller Builders in my early career, developing initial sketches into full designs. Since commencing with Rossdale Homes in early 1990, I have helped hundreds of people achieve their dream in building their new home.

I specialise in sloping sites including the difficult ones, re sub dividing and designs for unusual shaped sites. Nothing is too difficult for me, an open and transparent approach means that little is left to chance when working with my clients.

I understand that building a new home requires time and patience especially in the early stages. I will help you work with all the relevant authorities, as this is a key to the process of initial decision making.

What our customers say about us:

K & J Kirk

Dear Sir,
Your company has now completed building our new home, we would like to thank Rossdale for an almost trouble free build. We are very pleased with the end result.

Please pass our thanks to your consultant Peter Work. We sought out Peter to be our consultant because he was our consultant on a previous build with Rossdale (about 10 years before). Our previous build with Rossdale had been very good and when we discovered that Peter was one of your consultants, our decision to select Rossdale again was finalised.

We also wish our thanks to be passed on to Roger Waight our site supervisor, we found him to be excellent. We would gladly have him as a building supervisor again.

The success of our build was largely due to the work that we did with Peter in making sure that the plans and selection etc were right and documented accurately (he probably wished us further at times), but the end result was no significant problems during the build. Roger’s task of turning the plans etc into bricks and mortar was then straightforward. During the build there were no changes to the plans and he ensured that all went smoothly.

While we are pleased with the whole project, it doesn’t mean that it can’t be improved. There are several things that we would change if we were to build this house again and there are several items where Rossdale could do better. Customer communication was poor often calls were not returned and e-mails not acknowledged. Customer confidence in your system is boosted once it is acknowledged that the information has safely arrived in your system and is receiving attention. In the long run it means less work for your staff particularly if it results in them having to rework plans and documentation as vital information about the project has been missed. Overall the “trades” did a good job but there were several instances where a some commonsense rather than ‘what is the easiest for me now’ would have saved them a return visit or up to four (for one trade) or us thinking this should have been better every time. If the shower door is allowed fully open up then it “clashes” with toilet roll holder (both installed by the same tradesman we think). Just to mention two instances there are more.

The above comments are made to give you a customer’s view of what little things distract from otherwise very good project.

If we were to build another house then Rossdale would once again be the “favourite” to be chosen as our builder and the odds would shorten if Peter and Roger were able to be a part of the team.

Ours faithfully

K & J Kirk

J & S Tostevin

Experience with Sales Consultant Peter Work

What can I say about Peter? He’s a legend!

Our experience with Peter has been great from beginning to end (once we reach the end, I’m sure). I’ll try not to ramble too much, but over the past 18 months so much has happened and we have a lot to be thankful to Peter for, and I think he deserves recognition for all his hard work…in fact that should be Peter’s Middle name – Hard. I think it also describes our project…it certainly wasn’t easy.

I don’t know that we could have picked a much harder block to build on, especially for our first time building. Once we knew that we would have to build a two storey or split level house, we spent about 6 months going to every display home that we could, and talking to every builder that we could. We originally spoke to Peter before we decided to pursue our project with another builder. The only reason we chose another builder over Rossdale was the price. After wasting about 4 months with another builder, we found that their price was not as attractive as the initially promised. Also, in comparison to Peter, their sales were pathetic.

So after 4 wasted months with another builder, we came back to Peter and Rossdale – it was the best thing we could have done.

Peter spent a lot of time with us initially, talking through various design options, building requirements and council stipulations. I believe he also went to have a look at our block in his own time so he could get a better idea of the location. Peter’s wealth of experience and knowledge was invaluable, and I believe it saved us a lot of time in the initial stages. After talking through a lot of what sort of design would meet the council’s requirements. That turned out to be good advice because Robert was very helpful and helped us understand what kind of design would meet the council’s requirements.

Once the design was confirmed very quickly with Robert, Peter made the process very easy. Peter was always available to have a chat on the phone (even though I‘m sure I called him when he was busy a few times). If he was busy, he would always follow up and return my call in a timely manner. My wife and I found Peter to be professional, polite, kind and always ready to share his experiences to help us understand how or why something had to happened a certain way. I think peter should be commended on his ability to relate to his customers, and the way in which he takes the time to explain everything in a way that is easy to understand (even if it isn’t always an easy process).

I don’t think that Rossdale can have a better person representing the company than Peter. He is a great asset to the company, and more then that, he is a good man. It was evident that he wasn’t just helping us build a house, but was that he really cared that we were going to get exactly what we wanted to suit our lifestyle, not just now but in the future as well. I think that its something that sets him apart from every other sales consultant from every other builder that we spoke to. Peter really cared about us, and it showed. So thankyou Peter, we really appreciate all your efforts, all your hard work, all the phone calls, all the follow up…and I know we will love the house (when its done).

I work as an Account Manager, so I understand the value of good customer service and I also understand the impact of bad customer service. Research indicates that if a customer has a good experience with a service/company, they will tell 2 or 3 people about it. If a customer has a bad experience with a service/company, they will tell 7 or 8 people about it. But if a customer has such a good experience that they actually become an advocate for the company / service, they will tell 12 or 15 people about their experience.

Our experience with Peter has made my wife and I real advocates for Rossdale. I really believe that he should be recognised for his superior work ethic. Give the guy a raise or something…I believe you’ve got the best sales consultant in the state. Hang onto him!

J & S Tostevin

G Brown

How would you describe your experience with Rossdale homes?
The experience was very good although there are a few issues that are a little bit disappointing

What do you particularly like about your new home?
The look and finish is quite pleasing.

Look back over your experience of building and moving into your new home, how would you describe the process?
Quick and smooth.

Would you recommend Rossdale to others and why?
Yes, Overall the job was good and done in a good time frame.


G & S Watson

What was your main reason for choosing Rossdale Homes?
Reputation in the trade.

What things did you like most about the display home in our villages?
Showed what features we could have but really it was peter

What were the 3 best things about our Sales Consultant that assisted you?

1. Listened to our needs and good guidance
2. Willing to visit after house and give use all the time we needed
3. Went the extra mile

L Ciccarello

What was your main reason for choosing Rossdale Homes?
Fixed price contract.

What things did you like most about the display home in our villages?
Different types of houses for different purposes i.e investment, family home, etc

What were the 3 best things about our Sales Consultant that assisted you?
1. Went through everything and explained it clearly
2. Honest and reliable
3. Friendly

G & B Anderson

To Peter,

Thankyou so much for the fantastic professional service you have provided to us. It has been a real pleasure working with you as your commitment and passion for your job shine through. We appreciate all you input with regards to our building project and just hope the rest of it goes as smoothly!

Kind Regards

G & B Anderson

Courtney, Peter and Michael

ust a quick note to say Thank you for your assistance in completing our new home in the manner you did.

It was a relatively painless process during construction, and as we moved in last week we are starting to enjoy the house now we are settling in.

We have also received quite a few compliments on the style of house from neighbours, even after the problems with the colour of the roof.

Who knows, maybe one day we will build a 3rd Rossdale home!!!

Thanks again.

Peter and Andrea and family.

B Anderson

How would you describe your experience with Rossdale homes?
Planning: Excellent, peter work did a great job
Building: Very good, no real problems and 5 months build time
After sales: Quite poor, several problems after hand over which took forever to sort out

What do you particularly like about your new home?
Generally good quality build and extremely pleased with the floor plan.

Look back over your experience of building and moving into your new home, how would you describe the process?
Relatively painless until after hand over where things went downhill

Would you recommend Rossdale to others and why?
Yes, Good during planing/building but I would advise people about poor after sales service we received. If Rossdale brushed up their after sales care, you would get a lot more referrals in my opinion.

A & C Attick

Good Evening All (Roger, Helen, Peter and Rod)
It is with much excitement and pleasure that we have had handover of our new home in Redwood Park with Roger today.
Without Peter’s amazing patience with all our questions (over a few years!!), Helen’s excellent customer service and attention to detail and Roger’s expertise and patience with yet more of our questions… our dream home would never have been completed, or even started.
We can’t thank you all enough or recommend Rossdale Homes highly enough and we will not hesitate to refer your company to others in the future.
Thank you again and please pass our thanks on to Roger and our email to Rod as we did not have their email addresses.
Thank you also for our lovely cooler/picnic basket and bottle of wine!!
Have a great weekend,
Thank you and kind regards
A & C Attick

F & C Mahlburg

We have been well pleased with all elements of the building process with Rossdale. Initially what appealed to us were the company’s reputation & the opportunity to have a custom-designed plan that suited both the block & our needs, as many companies allow very limited changes to set designs.

Peter Work brought great insight & experience into the planning stage &, with our house now completed, we’re thrilled with both the floor design, elements incorporated in the build, and the quality of the build.

Although the planning stage felt drawn out, once started the building process was smooth & the trades involved were very competent. Michael White, our site manager, worked hard to ensure that our house was finished by (actually it was on!) the target date. Contact with him was via the office rather than direct, but he attended promptly when potential issues or problems needed to be solved.

Helen Grammatopoulus provided excellent customer service throughout the build time; &other office staff provided efficient and pleasant service.

We would not hesitate to recommend Rossdale to prospective home builders.

F & C Mahlburg