Zak Burrell

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0422 169 224

Zak is a Rossdale native and seasoned building professional who instantly fell in love with residential construction. His accolades include graduating Flinders University with honours, RLA, advanced CAD.

At Rossdale we take a team approach to building new homes. Building a new home is a complex, sophisticated and often a deeply personal endeavour. The client deserves the full service and attention that only a team of experts can consistently provide. Working with us you will have the personal attention traditionally associated with client-consultant relationship improved by the professionalism and consistency of Rossdale’s building process. And yes, superior results will follow. Take a look at the wealth of experience we bring. Our point of difference in my opinion is the most valuable one. We are the only builder who presents clients with a fully fixed price contract. This enables every Rossdale consultant to provide clients with the respect, transparent and honest approach they deserve. I recognise and value the trust my clients place in me and everyday I strive to exceed their expectations. I am available 24/7 start to finish for all my clients.

Look forward to working with you on our project and creating that beautiful new home.

I am available at the following display village:

Seaford Heights - Vista

My House and Land Packages:

Lot 1-6, 1 Palmyra Court, Flagstaff Hill

8.9 22.5
Location: Hills