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My Home. My Life. My Choice.

The NDIS is all about choice… your choice!

Whilst the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) will provide more South Australians living with a disability with access to ‘reasonable and necessary’ support services, there’s one important question needing to be considered:

What type of home will you and/or the person you care for choose to live in when you have access to higher levels of support?

As the NDIS is not a housing program, it’s time for you and your family to start planning for the home you need, to live the lifestyle you want, now and into the future.

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The HomeLife Team knows how important it is to have your own place to call home.

Rossdale’s HomeLife Team is working with SA’s leading Disability Support Service Providers and leaders in the prescription and integration of tailored Assistive Technologies and user-friendly interfaces.

HomeLife will help you design and build your own home… so that you can live the lifestyle you want.

The HomeLife Team is pro-actively collaborating with NovitaTech, SA’s nationally recognised innovators in the creative and effective use of the latest assistive technologies, accessibility and lifestyle enhancement aids.

NovitaTech’s skilled and experienced Occupational Therapists are attuned to working collaboratively as part of the HomeLife/NovitaTech Alliance to co-design and integrate the best of creative home design and technologies.  Empowering and enabling you to live your best life in your own uniquely tailored home.

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HomeLife’s Independent Home Living

Owning your own Home is more than a dream for many Australians living with disabilities. 

In fact, a ‘Home-Ability’ Survey* conducted by Junction Australia and Disability Service Providers in 2016 revealed that:

  • 15% of respondents live in a home that they are buying
  • 31% of respondents own the home they live in
  • 49% of respondents indicated that they would prefer home ownership as their ideal tenancy arrangement

HomeLife is ready to work with you and ‘NovitaTech’ to co-design an adaptable home that is tailored to meet your unique needs. With input from skilled Occupation Therapists at NovitaTech, your HomeLife design can incorporate the latest in Assistive Technologies from the ground up, enabling you to live your best life.

The collective professional expertise and experience of the HomeLife/NovitaTech Alliance enables us to understand your current and projected needs.  Supporting you to plan ahead ensures that your home can be easily adapted to accommodate any changes in lifestyle and mobility requirements for years to come.
(*n= 243 respondents to the targeted survey)

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HomeLife’s  Share Home Living

Specifically-designed to accommodate two or more independent adults, often friends, who want to live tog ether and support each other.

Share House layouts would typically provide two or more main bedrooms in different parts of the home, each with their own ensuite facilities (built to meet disability accessibility specifications of course) and each with their own private living areas.

Share homes would usually include some common areas such as a lounge, kitchen and dining areas where the housemates can interact and enjoy daily activities together.

In some cases, ‘Share Homes’ might accommodate one or more person living with a disability and a carer or live-in support person.

Under the NDIS, it is anticipated that, two or more people living in the same home could negotiate a more cost effective support package, thus enabling individuals to redirect some of your NDIS funding package to other ‘reasonable and necessary’ supports and lifestyle initiatives, such as some cooking classes in your own home.  

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HomeLife’s Young Family Home Living

All young families face challenges as the number and size of children in the household increases.

When one or more of the children (or parents) have physical disabilities or behavioural challenges that require specialised equipment or spaces, families can very quickly out-grow their existing home.

Whilst, this can be a challenging time for families, careful planning, good design and incorporating Assistive Technologies ‘from the foundations up’ can make all the difference to the way in which  family members can move and interact in their own home.

The HomeLife team is ready to work with you, family members and support providers to co-design a home that meets everyone in the family’s needs.

The HomeLife/NovitaTech Alliance means that our Home Designers can readily draw upon the expertise of specialist Occupational Therapists at Novita Children’s Services, who are highly regarded experts in working through the issues thousands of families are facing as the special needs of their children change.

This unique alliance of leading experts means the HomeLife Team is able to tailor the most flexible and workable home layouts incorporating Assistive Technology solutions and equipment specifications responding to your family’s current and projected needs.

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HomeLife’s Teenage Family Home Living

We understand that all teenagers need space, but young people with disabilities often need extra space!

If your family is bursting out of the doors and windows, it’s time to consider a bigger, more robust home that provides space for everyone to have the opportunities needed to get on with life, without constantly bumping into each other.

For example, when your teenager’s wheelchair, lifting and therapy equipment are rapidly increasing in size, the rest of your household has limited space to move.

This problem is not going away.  It may be time for your family to consider co-designing a new home that provides uniquely tailored spaces, facilities and Assistive Technologies enabling your teenager to develop their independent living skills whilst recognising parents and siblings have their own needs and lifestyle aspirations.

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HomeLife’s Linked Cluster Home Living

Clusters of homes can be developed by working collaboratively with a group of individuals and families.

You might also talk with HomeLife about working with a Disability Support Provider (DSP) or Community Housing Provider (CHP) that shares your interest in living near people that you feel comfortable with.

HomeLife can design and build ‘linked clusters’ of Independent Living Units (ILU’s), where each home-owner in the cluster benefits from:

  • Enjoying the company of good neighbours and easy access to shared facilities,
  • Achieving economies of scale when negotiating with Support Providers, Gardeners, Security Companies, Utility providers, etc.
  • Having the option of retreating into the privacy of your own home whenever you choose to.

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HomeLife’s Detached Cluster Home Living

A ‘Detached Cluster’ of Homes function in a similar way to a Linked Cluster of Homes however the homes may be distributed around a neighbourhood, rather than co-located on one site.

Individuals living in a Detached Cluster may choose to meet around common interests, choose to negotiate special service agreements and/or more cost-efficient fee structures with Disability Support Providers and suppliers of goods and services.

You are welcome to speak with a HomeLife Consultant who can introduce you to other groups, individuals and/or organisations that may be interested in getting to know you and helping you to achieve the lifestyle you want in a community of your choice.

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HomeLife’s Annex Unit Home Living

Living in an Annex Unit provides an opportunity for a person living with disability to develop their independent living skills in their own home whilst still living nearby to family members or trusted friends.

An Annex Unit is a small dwelling that is typically built onto another home such as a family home that has sufficient space on the existing allotment.

Alternatively, a new home and Annex Unit may be specifically designed to fit on a given land allotment.

In some cases, it may be possible to ‘knock down and rebuild’ an existing home to make way for two new dwellings in a Core and Annex configuration of perhaps a Duplex of adjacent homes.

We invite you to speak with a HomeLife Consultant to explore what options are available on your own land.  Or alternatively, to speak with us about helping you to find land in the area where you want to live.

Note: Council Planning guidelines or development encumbrances may apply.

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HomeLife’s Compact Group Home Living

Compact Group Homes provide safe and comfortable accommodation for groups of individuals (often 3-6 people) who are seeking to live in a ‘group home’ setting.

Each person usually has their own bedroom and also has access to common areas, such as kitchen and lounge/living areas.

Compact Group Homes are usually operated by a Disability Service Provider providing trained, skilled and experienced staff daily, or 24/7, support services for residents. This form of accommodation can be very cost efficient.

HomeLife is working with a range of DSP’s that are keen to develop and provide support for this type of accommodation.

Partnering for Purpose

The Rossdale HomeLife Team is collaborating with a wide range of other quality organisations so that we can incorporate their best ideas, goods and services into your new home design and enable you to live as independently as you are able to be.

We understand that your needs may change over time, so we apply adaptive design principles that enable your home to be easily modified to accommodate your needs, now and for years to come.

Building Dreams
The Rossdale HomeLife Team is ready to speak with you and your family and/or trusted friends about how we can design and build a high quality, affordable home that’s uniquely tailored to meet your specific needs.

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Live the life you choose, in a home of your choice

Rossdale’s skilled and experienced HomeLife Team is committed to designing and building high quality homes that enable South Australians living with disabilities to live their best life.

Integrated Assistive Technology: Clever homes for better lives
Our skilled and innovative designers work closely with you and your family to design homes that focus on maximising your comfort, safety and ease of access. 

Adaptability of Living Spaces
Our priority is to ensure adaptability of living spaces to meet the changing needs and abilities whilst ensuring that the home works for all its occupants.

HomeLife Project Partners
By working closely with our HomeLife Project Partners our designers are able to incorporate new assistive technologies. HomeLife aims to make daily life for you, your family, friends and carers easier and more enjoyable.

Assistive Technologies
Assistive Technology provides people with practical solutions to everyday life activities. For those living with a disability, being able to integrate Assistive Technology devices enables greater independence, safety and well-being when on their own.

Live your Best Life
The Rossdale HomeLife Team can incorporate the specifications according to your Occupational Therapist’s prescription and customise these features in your home design right from the start of the process, to enable you to live your best life.

Integrated in to your Lifestyle
Through careful planning and strong partnerships with other organisations HomeLife aims to ensure upward compatibility with emerging technological innovations so that more exciting features can be added and integrated into your lifestyle as your needs change over time.

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