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Public Disclosure Statement

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Investment Properties Public Disclosure Statement (PDS)

This statement relates to “Rossdale Homes Investment Properties Program” and participation in the program constitutes acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.

The aim of the Rossdale Homes Investment Properties Program is to highlight the potential benefits of purchasing a new home for investment purposes, such as creating wealth for your future and helping you achieve a better lifestyle in retirement.

It is not claimed that the purchase of new homes will in all cases represent the best investment strategy for everyone.

It is not claimed that investing in new property will always yield greater benefits than alternative forms of investment.

Rossdale Homes would not dissuade you from obtaining independent financial and tax advice should you consider it appropriate to do so.

Contribution calculations shown as being from $9 per week in marketing material and/or the monthly Seminar are based on the price of each individual house and land package, a family income of $90,001 - $180,000 per annum and an interest only rate of 4.99% over 30 years subject to approval.

For details on the National Rental Affordability Scheme’s $100,000 refundable tax offset and other frequently asked NRAS questions please refer to the official government website

NRAS accredited properties made available by Rossdale Homes are provided through Affordable Management Corporation Pty Ltd and subject to their terms and conditions. Further details can be found at