Stage One Advantage Conditions: The Vendor reserves the right to remove this offer at anytime without notice. The retaining is done by the Vendor’s appointed agent/installer and to the specifications given by the engineers. The ‘Rear Fence/Rear Fencing’ is the fence that will be erected on top of the retaining wall on the rear boundary only. The ‘Front Landscaping’ is for planted material e.g. plants and mulch and does not include any paving or concrete to the driveway or paths. This also includes a manual irrigation system.

Your Land Leveled and Retained for Free Conditions: The offer is subject to the Developer/Vendor and Rossdale Homes determining the required site level. Any change to this predetermined level by the purchaser or any statutory authority may/will be charged to the purchaser. Images are used for illustration purposes only and are subject to change without notification. Images are not to scale and are for illustration purposes only. E&EO