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  • Is Your Property...
  • Too big to maintain?
  • Too expensive to renovate?
  • Are you looking to downsize?
  • Is it worth more as a development site?
  • Rossdale Homes are the subdivision and knockdown rebuild specialists.

Have you always wanted to be a property developer, not the high-flying type but the sort that takes an existing property and maximises the site, and along the way makes a profit?

There’s only one problem.

Where do you start?

Speak to one of our sales consultants at any Rossdale display village or call our head office.

With over 40 years as developers, experience is the best teacher, isn’t it?

  • Whether you are a person who is looking to downsize your current home – perhaps it has passed its use-by date,
  • Knock over the house you live in and then build two houses on the block, one for yourself and another to sell.
  • Or you have lived in your place for years and want to stay where you are, but in a new maintenance-free home.
  • You may want to find a property somewhere, knock over the house and develop the block.
  • You may want to renovate an old house and hive off some of the block to build another.

All these things are possible, depending on council regulations and approvals – not the sort of thing you want to blunder into without substantial experience.

You can start at any age. But more to the point, developing is not for everyone... You have to be of the right temperament. The last thing you need to do is stress about things because there are a lot of variables, so put your trust it in the hands of Rossdale.

Simply come to Rossdale with your idea and we will help me make it happen.

For absolutely no charge at all, we will do all the investigative work in the lead up to providing land use planning applications. We will only charge for the external costs such as plans and lodgment fees etc. The show of faith is that you’ll build with Rossdale later in the process, We have no financial reward from the process for 6-9 months meaning we are very confident in the service we provide.

So what are the steps?

Download the 4 Easy Steps Brochure


Step 1 The Research & Design process

Whether you’re an owner-occupier building your dream home or a developer building more than one. You need to know the viability of your project before you start and be confident that the best result will be achieved. Rossdale have experts at their fingertips that can help you with your research to determine the best return on your investment, finance, rental management or sale options, so you will have the confidence that your goals are achievable before you commit. When you build you will also have the benefit of the Rossdale Home’s Absolute Fixed Price Contract so the result is assured.

Design Plans
Your Rossdale Homes Building Consultant will work with you to produce the best design outcome for your new project. Our professional in-house team of Designers, Engineers and Town Planners will guide you to unlock the potential of your land.

As part of this process your Building Consultant will ensure that the land is suitable for development and all of the Council requirements are met so you can relax knowing that we are working with you every step of the way.

Once all of the regulatory requirements are met, we will provide you with preliminary working drawings, a site plan and a comprehensive price guide before you proceed to the next stage.



Step 2 The Subdivision process

Absolute Fixed Price Contract
Your Rossdale Homes Consultant is there to liaise with the Council and also our team of experts on your behalf. This will give a very clear picture of the associated costs and your consultant will be able to explain the breakdown of these costs and the timing involved to complete your project. A Preliminary Services Agreement will then be presented to you that will formalise your plans and pricing. Then when you are completely satisfied the next step is to sign a Rossdale Homes Absolute Fixed Price Contract.

Survey Plans
As part of the Preliminary Services Agreement your Rossdale Homes Consultant will send your design off to our Surveyors who will prepare the necessary land division plans and provide a cost schedule outlining the subdivision fees required to undertake your development.


The Subdivision Process includes the following steps:

  • Lodgement of the Plan by the Surveyor to The Development Assessment
  • Commission
  • Response to the plan by external agencies and Council
  • Approval of the plan by the relevant Council
  • Lodgement at the Lands Titles Office
  • Examination of the Plan
  • Examination of the Documents
  • Deposit of the Plan
  • Issuing of the new Title

The Subdivision Process generally takes about 12 weeks and a further 4-6 weeks to receive the Deposited Plan. It is then lodged with the Lands Titles Office allowing the new Titles to be created. During this time your house plans will also be lodged with Council to be concurrently approved with your Land Division. This will then enable you to get the demolition underway.



Step 3 The Knockdown process

The Demolition Process
Your Rossdale Homes Building Consultant can manage the entire process on your behalf or alternatively recommend a suitable Demolition Contractor to undertake the work for you.

The Demolition Process takes into account the following steps:

  • Application to Council for the demolition of the existing home and structures
  • Disconnecting the power, water, gas, sewerage and telecommunications to the property
  • Engaging the Demolition Contractor to undertake the works.


Step 4 The Building process

Site Works & Construction
Once the demolition is complete and the block is clear there may be a need to wet down the area around where the old home and structures were in order to restore the moisture level. Remember that underneath the old home the ground hasn’t seen any water for a very long time. Once the site has been pre-wetted Rossdale Homes will bench the site and construction of the new home(s) will now commence.

Our Promise
Rossdale’s expertise and experience in knockdown/re-build and subdividing goes back over 40 years. A proud South Australian company, our reputation for building quality homes at competitive prices is well known and has stood the test of time. At Rossdale we know what you want and our elite team of professional people deliver excellence in lifestyle, choice and value for money and we will involve you in every step along the way and keep you informed.

The Benefits
When your Rossdale Homes Consultant presented you with an absolute fixed price contract you would have signed knowing that there are no more hidden costs and your home(s) will be built your way and completed right on budget with no nasty surprises… now that’s peace of mind!

So come in and see one of our experienced knockdown and rebuild professionals who can show you how to unlock the potential of your land.

“Rossdale Homes... Because trust is a must.”



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