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I built my first home in 1989.

I first entered the building industry as a sales consultant in 1991.

I have worked with Rossdale Homes as a sales consultant since 2000.

I enjoy the design flexibility of Rossdale Homes which sees custom designs make up 80% of our business.

I am H.I.A. “Greensmart” accredited.

I have a reputation for attention to detail which is crucial when assisting clients with the building process.

I am passionate about “getting it right” for my clients

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What our customers say about us:

C Lane

Dear Sir

My new house is now under construction and I would like to commend Rob Gosling, who was my sales consultant, for the excellent work he did in helping me to plan and build my dream home.

From our very first ‘meeting’ when I visited the display home for the first time, Rob was friendly and helpful without being pushy. When I returned to the display village a second and third time, he remembered me and what I had spoken to him about, which I found encouraging, given that he meets and speaks to many people for only a few minutes at a time. This made me decide to speak to him specifically once I had decided that I wanted to advance my plans to build a house.

He was very accommodating in being able to meet with me at the various pre-building stages at times that suited me. He was even happy to come to look at my block of land and stand in the mud in the pouring rain.

I had an idea of what I wanted in a home and while I was using one of the display homes as a base plan, I did in fact make many, many changes. If there were things that I was unsure about, Rob was able to offer suggestions and alternatives for me to consider, without pushing them on me. He used his extensive experience in the housing industry to help me to improve the floor plan of my home and make it more practical.

Rob took the time to get to know me and my likes and dislikes. When I knew what I didn’t like, but didn’t know what I wanted, Rob was able to use his vast knowledge of building materials to offer possibilities or alternatives. He was also able to draw on his knowledge of past Rossdale plans and present them to me to combine with my plan as possibilities for changing the front aspect of the house.

Rob was always happy to answer my questions, no matter what or how many there were (and there were very many). If he didn’t know the answer on the spot, he would find out and email me with answers. Each time I thought of new possibilities on my wish list for the house, he happily got quotes from head office and was able to present them in a timely manner. This allowed me to consider my choices and be fully informed to make decisions about which items I wanted to include in my house. He was also happy to give me information that would allow me to start looking at selections, such as bricks and tiles, well before I had finalised plans. This allowed me to make sure I knew exactly what I wanted and approximate costs, which of course leads to peace of mind.

At each stage, Rob gave me time to read and absorb the documentation. He was able to keep the process moving, but I always felt in complete control of that process and at no stage did I feel that I was under pressure to make decisions. Once I was satisfied with my choices and the quote, Rob ensured that I understood everything with regard to the contract and the building specifications, prior to my entering into a contract to build with Rossdale.

Upon handing me over to the construction team, Rob indicated that I could still contact him if I had any issues or problems. Although I have not had the need to do this, I know that I could have relied on him to follow through with anything I might have contacted him about.

I am very pleased that I had Rob ‘on my team’ in the planning of my new home and can most definitely recommend him to anybody who may be looking to build with Rossdale.

Yours faithfully

C Lane

A and C Passmore

When we were looking at building our family home, we wanted the whole package. Something that we could call home for many years to come, it is a very daunting experience and being our first build we had lots of questions that we needed answered. During our search, we met Rob Gosling at the Mt Barker Display Home. Rob instantly made us feel at home and was the most honest and up front salesman that we had encountered. Rob was always available to talk to and if there was any uncertainty on our part was readily available to put our minds at ease. Rob is a professional who continues to provide a quality service even after the paperwork is signed, showing that he does have a genuine care about his customers.

Thank you Rob for everything and should we ever look at building again you will no
doubt be receiving a phone call from us!!

A and C Passmore

S Franzin

To whom it may concern,

I am writing to acknowledge the outstanding work Rob Gosling has done for me these past few months. He has been an amazing help in assisting me in building my first home.

I would like it to be known that I looked at many builders and the packages that they offer whilst in the initial stages. Some people were happy to give me quotes; however they would not go through them with me in detail as I required them to, others judged a book by its cover, and did not give me the time of day, And finally when going into the display homes with my mother, the sales representative spoke to her as if she was to build this home not me. It is for these reasons I did not pay these builders a second visit.

When I walked through the doors of the Rossdale display home in Mt. Barker and met Rob for the first time, he greeted me with the upmost respect. He gave me a brochure and showed me where to go to look through the display homes. He did not push a sale as soon as I came back, he simply asked for my thoughts and was happy to discuss things with me.

I returned the following weekend with a ridiculous plan, as he may remember... I had tried to draw it up to scale and somehow ended up with a house that was equivalent to 450m2. He had a little bit of a laugh, but got down to business straight away. He didn’t seem to care how old I was or that I’d drawn a plan an entire city could live in... He politely explained to me that although my plan was possible, it was likely to be rather extravagant budget wise unless I’d won the lotto. It was from there that together we created a new plan that although was similar in layout, was nowhere near as big, we soon discovered that our plan was much like the Envoy.

This all began back in October 2012, after deciding on a plan, I went home on countless occasions with different price guides and tweeks to the plan here and there. I was exceptionally happy with how patient, supportive and knowledgeable Rob was and still is. Honestly, if it wasn’t for his help and patience, I probably would have sold my block and moved to Europe by now. I could not have done this without his suppot, and I am especially happy that he treated me as an Adult, not a child looking to waste peoples time.

I would highly recommend Rob Gosling to anyone looking to Build, his knowledge of building is exceptional, he will answer any question thrown his way, and if he cant he’ll get back to you within a short period of time with a relative answer.

Thankyou kindly,
S Franzin

A & N Brown

Having now almost settled into our new home, Nicki, Sam, Elliot and I want to express our sincere thanks to all the tradespeople who did such a great job on our home. Having been first time builders we entered the process with some nervousness. However, overall we are most pleased with the final result and the quality of the build.

A special and big thanks goes to Phil Singlewood for his first class supervision of the project. I personally appreciated the opportunity to liaise closely with Phil and for his willingness to discuss issues etc. as they arose.

Also thanks to Rob Gosling and Heather Fleming for the important part they played in the building process. They were at all times professional and prompt in their dealings with us.

We have no hesitation in recommending Rossdale Homes in the future and already are getting favourable comments from family and friends on the quality of the build.

Wishing you all the best for the remainder of the 2011.

A & N Brown

D and R Jeffree

We love the feel and quality of Rossdale homes and decided to take the steps toward building our home with Rossdale. Rob understood our needs and offered practical suggestions and solutions to all our questions. He made the process of building with Rossdale stress-free and enjoyable and we wouldn’t hesitate to contact Rob again in the future when we build.

J and D Hoffman

Rob Gosling of Rossdale Homes provided us with exceptional service from the very beginning. Rob was extremely approachable, easy to talk to, and willing to listen to our ideas, thoughts and opinions in terms of the design of our new house. Rob was upfront and honest at all times regarding time frames and costs and always maintained a high level of communication through email/phone calls when required. On top of this Rob proved to be a wealth of knowledge offering ideas and suggestions that we had not previously thought of. We would highly recommend Rob Gosling to anyone looking to build a new house with Rossdale homes.

J and D Hoffman

E and G Vaninetti

Never having built a new home before, we were very cautious about hidden costs. Rob was very honest and upfront from the start about any costs that may pop up in our fixed price quote. It was a pleasure having Rob as our contact person for the start of the building process and as a result we are now living in our beautiful new home.