Our Building Consultants are available by appointment via phone, email & video calls.

Yes! Our Display Villages Are Open.

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Our Building Consultants are always available to talk via mobile or email.


360° Virtual Tours

We also have alternate ways to view many of our display homes on our website. All our display homes have 360° Virtual Tours, that you can explore online at anytime.

Our COVID-19 Precautions
Covid 19 Protect2

While these requirements are no longer mandatory, we encourage everybody to maintain good practice to help protect against the spread of COVID-19.

For yours and our safety and wellbeing please consider:
Wearing a face mask
Stop Handshaking
Covid 19 No Handshake 
Social Distancing...1.5m distance
 Covid 19 Social Distancing
Use our sanitizers for your hands
 Covid 19 No Hand sanitiser
If you have cold/flu like symptons, have tested positive to COVID-19 or travelled interstate or overseas in the last 14 days we ask you to contact us via email or a phone call instead of face to face contact.
Covid 19 Sick No Flying 14days
We have increased the cleaning of disinfecting of all our display homes and head office. This includes doorknobs, desks, chairs, handrails etc..on a regular basis.
 Covid 19 wipe down
We are monitoring the situation and taking in the recommendations from the Federal and/or State Government and the Australian Department of Health to ensure there is little to no disruption in supporting and servicing our customers and community.