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Rossdale Homes is one of South Australia’s most respected builders, a proud family company that has been building award winning homes since 1980.

Rossdale’s commitment to value and quality in housing owes much to the dedication and experience of its energetic founders, Craig and Ross Robinson.

In mid 2007, Giles French in conjunction with other local business identities, took over the reins to retain the local ownership focus that has enabled Rossdale to be a South Australia family owned company. The company currently employs more than 70 people locally with over 400 active subcontractors.

With 40 years of building experience, Rossdale are strong supporters of affordable, quality housing. To achieve this, they have listened carefully to customers, worked hard to meet the needs of their clients and developed a tradition of proudly exceptional service that is tailored to individual needs.

While Rossdale have won many awards for their homes over the years, Rossdale focus remains firmly on providing quality and value in housing its customers. And nowhere is this more obvious than in the unique “fixed price guarantee”, a price that really is fixed, from a building company that really cares. After signing the contract you can change the price, but Rossdale’s can’t.

When Rossdale build your home it makes sure that you get what you want, without the stress and hassles that can occur.

It’s all in the way we work with you, “Because Trust is a Must”, at Rossdale Homes.

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