Absolute Fixed Price

No Builder Variations.
Our Absolute Fixed Price Guarantee.
Only you can change the price.

At Rossdale Homes, we talk a lot about our Fixed Price Contract – but that’s because we believe it’s the most secure contract in the building industry. After you’ve signed there’s:

No extra cost for tricky footings

No extra cost for energy rating requirements

No extra cost for spoil to be removed 

No extra cost for bushfire requirements

No extra cost if rock is encountered on site

No extra costs for corrosion zone requirements

No extra water / power / sewer costs

No extra costs for site difficulties

No extra cost for reactive soils

No extra cost for high wind speed requirements

We’ve broken earthmovers, star-droppers and our supervisor’s favourite pen – but we’ve never broken a contract. That’s because at Rossdale, our Fixed Price Contracts are different.

Unlike other builders, we won’t offer you our contract until we know everything about your home, your site and your expectations. This way there’ll be no unpleasant builder variations after signing.

The only way our contract price can change is if you change something.

Find out more about our contract enquire here for more information.