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knockdown Knockdown Rebuild

Have you always wanted to be a property developer, not the high-flying type but the sort that takes an existing property and maximises the site, and along the way makes a profit?

There’s only one problem.

Where do you start?

Speak to one of our sales consultants at any Rossdale display village or call our head office.

With over 40 years as developers, experience is the best teacher, isn’t it?

  • Whether you are a person who is looking to downsize your current home – perhaps it has passed its use-by date,
  • Knock over the house you live in and then build two houses on the block, one for yourself and another to sell.
  • Or you have lived in your place for years and want to stay where you are, but in a new maintenance-free home.
  • You may want to find a property somewhere, knock over the house and develop the block.
  • You may want to renovate an old house and hive off some of the block to build another.

All these things are possible, depending on council regulations and approvals – not the sort of thing you want to blunder into without substantial experience.

You can start at any age. But more to the point, developing is not for everyone... You have to be of the right temperament. The last thing you need to do is stress about things because there are a lot of variables, so put your trust it in the hands of Rossdale.

Simply come to Rossdale with your idea and we will help me make it happen.

For absolutely no charge at all, we will do all the investigative work in the lead up to providing land use planning applications. We will only charge for the external costs such as plans and lodgment fees etc. The show of faith is that you’ll build with Rossdale later in the process, We have no financial reward from the process for 6-9 months meaning we are very confident in the service we provide.

So what are the steps?

Stage 1

Getting the approval to build – provisional planning approval for 1, 2 or more dwellings.

Take into consideration significant trees, upper level set backs, open space, drainage, orientation of the proposed building, streetscape and more. This stage could take 3-5 months depending on circumstances. And perhaps you will need to consider a landscape plan and external colour schemes in this general overview of the project.

Your Rossdale consultant will be with you all the way – guiding, suggesting and making contacts for you as you are making your decisions. And we have great relationships with councils; nothing replaces those years of experience.

Stage 2

Moves to full working drawings, engineering specifications and pricing. That’s the time you sign a contract and you get building approval. So far it would have taken 4-5 months for full development approval.

Stage 3

Construction, this will happen over a 5-8 month period in a way that only Rossdale can do, previously named the HIA Professional Home Builder of the Year for six years in a row. Rossdale offers the only truly fixed price guarantee in the South Australian market. We won’t start building until we know all the prevailing factors. We also won’t let you sign the building contract until you have council building approval for one, two or more dwellings on your property. The whole development process from start to finish can be 13-15 months and you can be as involved or not as you want.

Ask a Rossdale consultant can show you through the Idea Centres at any Display Villages. It’s a snapshot of property developments that people have completed over the years, and great for ideas on sub-dividing, re-building or building.



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