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Free Site Inspection

Book Your Free Site Inspection Now

Are you looking at a block or do you already have one? Either way we can help!

A Rossdale Homes Greensmart Accredited Building Consultant will visit your block and assist with the following:

Slope: What effect will slope have over your site?

Retaining: Will expensive retaining walls be required or is a split level a better option?

Design: Will the home design you have in mind actually work on the site?

Services: Will there be costly issues associated with sewer or stormwater disposal?

Footings: Our experience can help you keep your footings and siteworks costs to a minimum.

Energy Efficiency: Optimise your block’s orientation to minimise your energy bills.

No matter the challenge Rossdale’s Team can find a solution for you.

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For your peace of mind and to reduce the risk of unforeseen costs, always ask for a free site inspection before you buy your land or decide on your builder. At Rossdale we endeavour to determine any issues upfront and discuss them with you from day one rather than after you have signed a contract.

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Book Your Free Site Inspection Now

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