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At Rossdale Homes we do individual designs everyday.

Let our expert design team bring your ideas to life or design your own home from scratch.

Start Designing your dream Home today. At Rossdale, we can make your dream plans a reality. We can completely customise any of our plans and build you a home that works for you, your family and your future.

To make your dream plans a reality you can:

 Start from scratch with completely customised plans

 We design to suit your land

 Use your own plan

 Adapt and modify any of our designs

 Remove or add spaces

 Mix and match floor plans and facades

 With help from our expert design team  

 All with award winning innovative solutions

 We can design a house specifically for you

 Anything is possible

Starting From Scratch?

Starting from scratch can be as simple as a conversation; or you may want to bring in your ideas, sketches, magazine articles and pictures you’ve been collecting. Keep it simple and fun; it doesn’t have to be fancy or intimidating.

Obviously, there are some basic elements we need to discuss first - like location, the orientation of your block and your overall budget and then, we’ll get to work. 

We’ll show you past design concepts so you can see what is possible. Our expert design team will do the rest and convert your dreams into a reality. Our designers have won awards for their innovative solutions and building ideas, so tell them what you’re thinking and let them get creative. You’ll be amazed at what’s possible.




Examples From Our Custom Rossdale Inspiration Elevation Range.

At Rossdale Homes we understand that everyone’s tastes, styles and budgets are different. We have put together examples of concept elevations that have been created to inspire you, as a demonstration of the possibilities of our custom design process. The options are endless, so we don’t want you to feel locked into an elevation or even a floorplan.

So don’t judge a book by its cover, if you don’t like something you can change it! Because we really are a REAL custom builder.


How To Mix & Match?

We have chosen 3 designs to combine the Monte Carlo, Broadway and Tennyson to create our new custom façade. We have chosen our favorite elements from each. 

1. The grand size of the Monte Carlo
2. The sleek modern large window, brick piers and dark L-shaped tiles from the Broadway
3. Finally, an extra balcony above the front entrance from the Tennyson. We have created our very own Custom Home Facade. Start dreaming big with your own Rossdale Design.
Rossdale Homes Website Custom Home Designs4

Rossdale Homes Website Custom Home

Create your own Custom Floor Plan

At Rossdale Homes we are all about choice, your plan or ours. Or you can modify our plans in any way to create your own dream custom plan.

Below is an example of a custom home plan. As an example we combined elements from 3 Rossdale Plans to create our own. 

See ‘Custom Home Plan’ for final result. 

1. The Allenby Villa we have used the front elevation of the home and the front bathroom that is rotated to become the Bed 1 Ensuite.
2. Next on the Ashford floor plan we want Bedroom 1 & WIR at the front of the home. This is replacing Bed 2 on the Allenby Villa. 
3. Finally, from the Ashborne we are using the rear open kitchen/living area of the home. For the middle, the wet areas and the Bed 2 & 3 arrangement to complete the floor plan.

Don’t be afraid to be creative and add your own ideas in too! Then let our expert design team draw up your custom home.

Rossdale Homes Website Custom Home Floor Plan

Custom Country Range

These are examples of country homes we have designed with living areas ranging from 200m2 to 400m2 and above. Or we can start from scratch and create you a design that’s truly unique.

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Rossdale Display Gallery87

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