Integrated Assistive Technology: Clever homes For better lives

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Our skilled and innovative designers work closely with you and your family to design homes that focus on maximising your comfort, safety and ease of access. 
Adaptability of Living Spaces
Our priority is to ensure adaptability of living spaces to meet the changing needs and abilities whilst ensuring that the home works for all its occupants.

HomeLife Project Partners
By working closely with our HomeLife Project Partners our designers are able to incorporate new assistive technologies. HomeLife aims to make daily life for you, your family, friends and carers easier and more enjoyable.

Assistive Technologies
Assistive Technology provides people with practical solutions to everyday life activities. For those living with a physical restriction or a disability, being able to integrate Assistive Technology devices enables greater independence, safety and well-being when on their own.

Live your Best Life
The Rossdale HomeLife Team can incorporate the specifications according to your Occupational Therapist’s prescription and customise these features in your home design right from the start of the process, to enable you to live your best life.

Integrated into your Lifestyle
Through careful planning and strong partnerships with other organisations HomeLife aims to ensure upward compatibility with emerging technological innovations so that more exciting features can be added and integrated into your lifestyle as your needs change over time.

“Novita is very excited to be working with Rossdale’s HomeLife team to create great homes that incorporate the latest Assistive Technologies so that people living with disabilities can live as independently as possible. By combining NovitaTech’s expertise and ongoing support services with a trusted, Award-Winning builder like Rossdale Homes, we hope to support people in achieving their goals and living life to the full”
Greg Ward, CEO Novita Children’s Services
Novita Tech