It is a Work Health and Safety requirement that for all construction work over $450,000.00 a “Site Management Plan” being located on that site for all workers to know their safety responsibilities.

All persons entering the site for the first time must read and sign off that they have acknowledged their WH&S role and responsibilities for that site. This includes identifying any risks or hazards and having plans to manage them.

All Rossdale Home Sites that have a contract value over $450.000.00 will have a Canister attached to the front Rossdale /WH&S sign with a cap on it which will contain the Safety Management plan for that site.

All Workers and Visitors are to fill in and Sign the documentation attached to the Site Management Plan once only on all applicable sites, replace the documents back into the canister and refit the cap.

The required SWMS, Risk Assessments, MSDS, SOP etc and other documentation still needs to be done as per your WH&S requirements. White Cards are still mandatory for every persons to have when entering the site.

You can read a generic copy of our site Management Plan here.