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Our Developments

Turning property owners into entrepreneurs

Do you have a parcel of land or access to a property that you think is ripe for development and you might need help to develop it or you want to sell it?

Rossdale Homes is a developer of niche land subdivisions and integrated housing developments. We have an in-house team of Consultants who have many years experience in land developing with specialised skills in town planning, surveying, real estate sales and financial modelling.

We have access to a group of Investors who can help fund the purchase of land or work with property owners in Joint Venture arrangements to develop their projects that provide a profitable return for everyone involved.

Rossdale’s strong financial credentials and in-house management skills means we have access to bank funding when needed and we can build a financial feasibility model to provide confidence in the development’s outcome.

We also develop multi-dwelling projects from community titled terraces home projects to apartment buildings. We have in-house architectural and design skills as well as the building expertise to budget and profitably build out the project. Our team can help market and sell these projects and with our marketing team can put a marketing program where needed to achieve affective results in realistic timeframes.