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At The Orchard, a select number of families can now share in the great satisfaction that life here has to offer. Consider, for a moment, your position. With the CBD of Adelaide just 45 minutes away, you are still in easy range for weekday commuting. Yet instead of going home to the concrete jungle of the suburbs, you will fi nd your own seclusion in our village atmosphere.

On weekends, you will be spoiled for choice. You can visit the neighbouring vineyards, gourmet food producers and farmers’ markets or head down to the unspoilt beaches to dangle a line or dip your toe. The beauty of McLaren Flat and neighbouring McLaren Vale is that between them, you have all the amenities and services you need including shopping and schools.

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Historians believe it was none other than the father of the South Australian wine industry –Thomas Hardy himself – who first picked the rich potential of the soils in McLaren Flat.

Nonetheless, the canny winemaker was certainly the one who pioneered the region by expanding his vineyards east from McLaren Vale and leading the way for smaller land holders, both viticulturists and orchardists, to follow. But it was not just produce that would flourish here.

As McLaren Flat slowly began to establish itself as the ‘fruit-and-nut-bowl’ of South Australia, the proud people of the land grew into a strong, vital community. Still today, land is tightly held, often generation upon generation, and opportunities to buy into this exclusive village are rare indeed. That’s why The Orchard represents such a unique opportunity.

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The Orchard will not just be surrounded by vineyards and orchards: it will truly live up to its name with its own vines taking pride of place in the central park for all the residents to share and enjoy.

Allotments, however, are sizeable enough for you to create your own orchard and build a sprawling home as well, ranging from 602m2 right up to 1,317m2 (almost a third of an acre in the old measure).

This is a rare offering of prime land in such an enviable location and so it is expected to generate a great deal of urgent interest.

Contact Denny Havriluk for more information, or fill out our online enquiry form.

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