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What our customers say about us

K. Wicks

“I first met Guy a few years ago when building a house in 2009 with Rossdale. I had an instant respect for Guy as he was genuinely interested in helping Tom and I. During the time we spend trying to suss out plans, move walls and make our house exactly what we wanted, Guy was there making sure everything could and would be done. Guy is someone that goes above and beyond for people and now days this is a quality that is not see very often. Guy is a very generous person that has an amazing rapport and genuine interest in other people and their lives.”

B. Carpenter

"Hey Hendo,
Thanks for taking the time to run through our initial house contract last night with us, form outset we have felt comfortable in your hand and last night was a nice reminder we made the right choice to deal with you from the outset, we believe you have our best interest at hear and we cant ask you for any more than that and both of us are extremely thankful for everything you have done for us thus far...!!!"

R & S Heaysman

We are extremely pleased with the high level of service and professionalism that has been shown to us during the whole process of acquiring an investment property through Rossdale Homes.

The seminar evening was informative without being an information over load, we met various members of the investment team from Rossdale Homes and other key business’s assisting in making the whole process work smoothly.

We were after the least hands on process possible, the Rossdale team made that a reality from the beginning through to the hand over. We chose a full turn key option which is fully project managed by Rossdale Homes right down to the letter box number.

Contact and progress updates were regular, and our involvement was minimal, very minimal. Rossdale Homes have put a great team together to make this happen, our mortgage broker, Craig from Sapphire Mortgage Dynamics expertly guided us through from the beginning looking at investment options within the range of properties that Rossdale Homes offered through to the setting up of the mortgage, progress payments and loan structure to suit our needs.

At handover we were met at the property by Brooke (our lovely contact at Rossdale Homes), Craig King who managed the handover process, Craig Vasey our mortgage broker and our appointed rental property manager Tom Hissey.

Our investment property is tenanted at 8% higher than the amounts shown during all discussions and to add icing to the cake the bank valuation came in higher than the full purchase amount for the build.

Love your work team, thanks to all involved.

Rossdale Investments

Tram Vu

"Guy Henderson is very professional in his field of expertise. He's knowledgeable, has wide connection and very helpful.

Guy provides great service, and was prepared to meet me where it suited due to my work commitments.

The land division was tricky and dealing with the gas supply, which wasn’t in my street, was one of the things Guy looked into for me, which I know as not expected. He also helped liaise with the Surveyor and Conveyancer.

He has sound advices and understands his client's needs.

I was very happy working with Guy.

He's friendly and honest.

I can very highly recommend him."

Doug & Linley

"Hi Guy,
I hope you and your family had a good Christmas and New Year.  Our new house build has commenced and currently the iron roof is being installed.

We thought it would be timely to provide you with the current progress and to reiterate our personal thanks for your effort, in the planning, design and approval processes.

This is our first build and when we walked into your office it was very pleasing to have someone of your knowledge and expertise across the whole building process, which assisted us to make decisions around our requirements.

We would like to acknowledge the work and advice you provided to enable us to develop our whole site, including site excavation, extensive stone wall retaining, and 10x12meter shed.

Your experience in the industry enabled you to facilitate introductions for us to an excellent site excavator, landscaper, and company able to prepare site and build shed prior to commencement of the house building process. I also know that you had extensive communication with the local council to resolve the CWMS location issues, and enable the shed build to proceed in the location we wished.   

Our house build has progressed to this stage without any issues and we believe this is as a result of the preliminary work you undertook in the lead-up to the design and approval process.

Many thanks once again for your assistance.

Doug & Linley"