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B Riddle & K Shields

To whom it may concern.

My partner and I wish to express our sincere gratitude towards Rossdale Homes and especially building consultant James Phillips for the caring and professional approach which was taken during the construction of our very first home.

After only a few weeks of house hunting in early 2013 my partner and I fell head over heels in love with a Rossdale Homes design labelled ‘Mawson’ and it was in this very display home that we first came into contact with building consultant James Phillips. Upon having our first meeting with James it was clear to us that James was relatively new to selling houses; however his building knowledge and customer service was simply second to none. James also displayed a very caring and honest approach towards his work and especially towards his clients, to which we are particularly grateful for.

My partner and I have now been living in our new home for almost two months now and cannot be happier with the outcome. The workmanship is of the highest quality standards and it is evident that much consideration was taken during the construction of our home.

We wish to thank all those at Rossdale Homes especially James Phillips who have helped make our dream a reality and turn our house into a home.

Sincere Regards,

B Riddle & K Shields.

James Phillips

Mike Semmler

Chairman and Board Members,

I write to you on behalf of my wife and myself, to commend the work which has been done for us by your company.

Our first building having gone into liquidation, we trusted our salesman, Leon Margaritis to do what he felt best for us. I have recently retired and have never owned, let alone built a home, before. We were not disappointed when Leon chose Rossdale as his new employer.

He listened to us, showed personal interest in us and our circumstances and your company dealt very generously with us. In Leon you have a man of integrity who relates well with people, now in your employ. He is a valuable asset. We have certainly trust him.

Building projects are complex to say the least and we want your board to know that our site manager, Matt Leonard, did not resile from the challenges our project presented to him. An outstanding manager, his good people skills, energy and honesty were on display. Very pleased.

Steph became our customer service manager, and is transitioning from the understandably “cannot do” finance department to the expected “can do” customer service role. She too has potential in her new role and should be encouraged.

It has been a good experience at Rossdale Homes and we would not hesitate to encourage others to consider your company when building.

Yours faithfully,

Mike Semmler (Rev Dr)

Leon Margaritis

J Mburu & L Kamunya

Our experience dealing with Mr. Leon Margaritis has been very wonderful. He has been very helpful, professional and a source of great knowledge. For us been first time home buyers, Leon has made the whole ordeal painless and stress free. Leon takes time explaining each and every detail and is always available to answer our questions. He was very patient with us when choosing the house plan that suited us and we are grateful for the plan he came up with. We would not hesitate dealing with Leon again and definitely will recommend him and Rossdale Homes in general.


J Mburu & L Kamunya

Leon Margaritis

D & P Squire

Dear Brad,

We are writing to let you know that we are truly grateful for the professional and excellent service you gave us throughout the planning and development of our proposed home at Myrtle Bank.

It was unfortunate that we could not sell our existing home and proceed with the project, however throughout the whole process you continued to work extremely hard to meet our requirement and a tight schedule.

Your friendly service was really appreciated and should the opportunity arise again for us to be in the house market, you will be the first to be contacted. We would certainly recommend you and Rossdale homes to anyone contemplating a new build.

Once again many thanks.

Kind Regards

D & P Squire

Brad Robinson

C Lane

Dear Sir

My new house is now under construction and I would like to commend Rob Gosling, who was my sales consultant, for the excellent work he did in helping me to plan and build my dream home.

From our very first ‘meeting’ when I visited the display home for the first time, Rob was friendly and helpful without being pushy. When I returned to the display village a second and third time, he remembered me and what I had spoken to him about, which I found encouraging, given that he meets and speaks to many people for only a few minutes at a time. This made me decide to speak to him specifically once I had decided that I wanted to advance my plans to build a house.

He was very accommodating in being able to meet with me at the various pre-building stages at times that suited me. He was even happy to come to look at my block of land and stand in the mud in the pouring rain.

I had an idea of what I wanted in a home and while I was using one of the display homes as a base plan, I did in fact make many, many changes. If there were things that I was unsure about, Rob was able to offer suggestions and alternatives for me to consider, without pushing them on me. He used his extensive experience in the housing industry to help me to improve the floor plan of my home and make it more practical.

Rob took the time to get to know me and my likes and dislikes. When I knew what I didn’t like, but didn’t know what I wanted, Rob was able to use his vast knowledge of building materials to offer possibilities or alternatives. He was also able to draw on his knowledge of past Rossdale plans and present them to me to combine with my plan as possibilities for changing the front aspect of the house.

Rob was always happy to answer my questions, no matter what or how many there were (and there were very many). If he didn’t know the answer on the spot, he would find out and email me with answers. Each time I thought of new possibilities on my wish list for the house, he happily got quotes from head office and was able to present them in a timely manner. This allowed me to consider my choices and be fully informed to make decisions about which items I wanted to include in my house. He was also happy to give me information that would allow me to start looking at selections, such as bricks and tiles, well before I had finalised plans. This allowed me to make sure I knew exactly what I wanted and approximate costs, which of course leads to peace of mind.

At each stage, Rob gave me time to read and absorb the documentation. He was able to keep the process moving, but I always felt in complete control of that process and at no stage did I feel that I was under pressure to make decisions. Once I was satisfied with my choices and the quote, Rob ensured that I understood everything with regard to the contract and the building specifications, prior to my entering into a contract to build with Rossdale.

Upon handing me over to the construction team, Rob indicated that I could still contact him if I had any issues or problems. Although I have not had the need to do this, I know that I could have relied on him to follow through with anything I might have contacted him about.

I am very pleased that I had Rob ‘on my team’ in the planning of my new home and can most definitely recommend him to anybody who may be looking to build with Rossdale.

Yours faithfully

C Lane

Rob Gosling